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Pharmacy Management Skills: Quality Financial Statements

When you initially planned to buy or open your independent pharmacy, you showed your potential investors, partners, and lenders a business plan with well-documented financial statements. If a new opportunity presented itself today, how much time would it take to produce updated financial statements?

Tips for Woman Owned Business: Independent Pharmacy

Women across fields have made incredible gains in recent years as more and more females acquire education and move into high-skilled jobs. The pharmacy realm is no different.

Questions about Pharmacy Loan Financing?

Questions about Veterinary Loan Financing?

What is a PEO and is it Right for Your New Veterinary Practice?

A PEO or professional employer organization is a human resources (HR) model designed for small businesses. Is it a fit for your new veterinary practice?

Making it Easier to Navigate the Process to Your Veterinary Loan

Thinking about buying or building a veterinary practice? Managing Director of First Financial Bank’s Professional Services Division, Schwanda Flowers, PharmD, provides some insights to help you navigate the business loan process successfully.

5 Ways to Manage Veterinarian Stress Levels

Being a veterinarian can be a rewarding and fulfilling job, but it doesn’t come without stress.

Effective Teamwork in Your Veterinary Practice

As a business owner, you want your veterinary practice to feel like a cohesive unit. You are looking to have a well-oiled machine where all parts work together so smoothly and effortlessly that the client doesn’t even notice the transition from one area of your practice to another. This requires teamwork. While teamwork is a seemingly simple goal, it can often prove challenging and requires a continual, focused effort in order to achieve.

Starting a Pet Business: Loan Payment Calculator

Are you looking to start a pet business? If you are, a small business loan may need to be part of your plans. And being able to estimate your loan payments can help you get ready for your next steps.

Clear a Path to a Successful Pet Care Business Loan

What are some of the things you can do to make it easier for your lender to assess your business loan application? Managing Director of First Financial Bank’s Professional Services Division, Schwanda Flowers, Pharm D, provides some insights into how to remove roadblocks and smooth the path for evaluating your first pet-oriented business loan request.

From Seed to Yield: Growing a Family Farming Legacy

As the third generation in agriculture, Ryan Drozd of Drozd Family Grain is busy producing more than row crops. He and his family are adding new stories, connections and opportunities to the family’s business.

Assessing Legislation’s Impact on Your Family Farm Business

New legislation is being introduced in Congress or state legislatures. How do you get beyond the political sound bites and screaming headlines to understand what that legislation will truly mean for your family’s farm business? Where can you find the unvarnished truth?

Questions about Farm and Ranch Loan Financing?


The Pharmacy Business Plan: A Complete Guide

You’ve made the decision – maybe even picked out the exact property – to build or buy a pharmacy. How do you sell your vision to a funder? Your pharmacy business plan is the answer.

Traditional vs. Roth IRA: Which Is Best for Your Financial Future?

Which type of IRA is right for you? What are some of the benefits?

Starting a Home-Based Business

Starting a home-based business is a dream many people have, and for good reason. As millions have quit their jobs and businesses have failed during the pandemic, many people are taking matters into their own hands and starting home-based businesses.

How a Digital Marketing Strategy Can Benefit Your Small Business

More than just a buzzword, digital marketing is a powerful tool that can significantly grow your business and transform the way you reach customers.

Small Business Tips: Creating Your Own Website

Even if you don’t sell products and services online, having a website for your small business may help grow your customer base. Here are some tips for creating your own small business website.

15 Key Resources for Poultry Farmers

Are you looking to invest in poultry farming? Do you want to enhance your poultry production? We have compiled a list of key resources for poultry farmers you may find useful.

Creating a Sustainable Income – and a Home

From a long line of row crop farmers, Scott Mincey is laying the foundation for a successful future for his growing family – with chickens.

What Kinds of Software Do Poultry Farmers Need?

Whether you want to ensure that your birds have the right kind of access to food and water supplies, or you’re interested in improving your poultry house’s lighting and temperature to suit their needs, a poultry farm maintenance management software can help you optimize your operations.

Is Poultry Farming for You?

Are you interested in starting your own commercial poultry farm? This can be a profitable business venture for you, but like anything, there are “pros” and “cons”.

Is Starting a Mobile Veterinary Practice or House Call Service Right For You?

Looking to start or expand a business during COVID-19? Have you considered a mobile or house call practice?

Pharmacists: Women Leading the Way

As the world continues to evolve, society is increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity across all spheres of life. Not only does the inclusion of a wide array of perspectives and experience make sense for increased equity and social progress, but it’s also good business.

Pharmacy Management: Helping Employees Deal With Stress

Workplace stress is not a new concept for employers to manage

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