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Carbon Credits for Farmers: FAQs

Are you a farmer who is interested in learning more about the benefits and steps to sell carbon credits? Let’s look at what these are and how it might help you earn additional income.

Ranching Experience Drives Real Estate Business

Acquiring and growing a ranching business is a challenge – and Tamra Kelly has the experience that helps ranchers address them successfully.

Farmers and RDNs: A Healthy Partnership

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the way people across the world go about their lives. From a greater interest in outdoor activities to a sharper focus on mental health awareness, people are adjusting their lifestyles to reflect newfound, healthier preferences. Nowhere is this behavioral change more evident than in the food industry.

Trends in Agriculture

Agriculture, like almost every other industry, is constantly evolving as new innovations develop and the world in which we live continues to change. Staying on top of the current trends and looking ahead to the future of farming will help your business thrive, and allow you to prepare for and anticipate changes that are moving the industry forward. Let’s take a look at several of the trends being discussed.

Questions about Farm and Ranch Loan Financing?

How to Read a Balance Sheet for a Small Business

Reading the balance sheet isn’t everything, but it will provide a snapshot of the business’ financial health.

Quiet Quitting: What Is It and How Can You Re-Engage Those Employees?

Understanding the concept of quiet quitting can refocus your attention on your most valuable asset for delivering quality customer service: your employees. Learn what quiet quitting is and how you can address the problem.

Small Business Trends

Small businesses must remain nimble and adapt to changing economic conditions. Leveraging small business trends can help.

When to Hire in Your Small Business

Balancing skills, workload, and staffing levels is challenging for a business owner. Some tips to help identify when the time might be right to make changes.

Poultry News & Resources

Questions about Poultry Loan Financing?

Is Poultry Farming for You?

Are you interested in starting your own commercial poultry farm? This can be a profitable business venture for you, but like anything, there are “pros” and “cons”.

How the FFB Poultry Lenders Go the Extra Mile for You

“Our customers may never know where our branch offices are located, but they know our cell numbers.”
– Ben Chandler, Managing Director of the Poultry Division for First Financial Bank.

Solving the Puzzle of Poultry Farm Financing

Everyone always asks me what they need in order to borrow money. They also ask if they can make money and most of the time the answer is “It depends.”

From a Hair Salon to a Poultry Farm – Retirement as a Business Owner

After a long-career at a hair salon in LA, Mr. Doan Nguyen retired to become a commercial chicken farmer.

The Pharmacy Business Plan: A Complete Guide

You’ve made the decision – maybe even picked out the exact property – to build or buy a pharmacy. How do you sell your vision to a funder? Your pharmacy business plan is the answer.

Pharmacy Management: What is Quiet Quitting?

As a pharmacy owner, you can’t afford to lose employees or tolerate ones who are quiet quitting. Be willing to make changes that can help prevent quiet quitting while improving your business practices.

Upselling and Cross Selling Dietary Supplements to Add Value to Your Customers – and Your Business

As an independent pharmacy, you are interested in increasing revenue while adding value to your customers. Learn how to upsell and cross-sell supplements to boost your wallet share.

Questions about Pharmacy Loan Financing?

Questions about Veterinary Loan Financing?

Questions about Pet Care Business Loan Financing?

Making it Easier to Navigate the Process to Your Veterinary Loan

Thinking about buying or building a veterinary practice? Managing Director of First Financial Bank’s Professional Services Division, Schwanda Flowers, PharmD, provides some insights to help you navigate the business loan process successfully.

Business Loan Payment Calculator: Estimate the Payments for Your Veterinary Practice/Clinic Loan

Been thinking about building, buying or refinancing a loan for your veterinary practice?

Veterinary Pet Business: Opening a Second Location

Your current veterinary practice/clinic is doing well. Is it time to expand and open that second location?

Expanding Your Veterinary Practice: Opening an Urgent Care Center

You’ve got an established veterinary practice within your community. Are you considering ways to expand your opportunities to serve new or current clientele? One idea may be opening an urgent care center.

Pet Care Business Management: What is Quiet Quitting?

A busy pet care business can’t afford employees who are not engaged. Learn about how to prevent quiet quitting and improve your business practices at the same time.

Turning Passion Into Profits with Outstanding Pet Care

Veterinarians and pet lodging business owners care deeply about the animals in their care. Learn about the team at Outstanding Pet Care who delivers amazing services, while also growing a sustainable business infrastructure.

Low- and No-Cost Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

Marketing is a challenge for small businesses. One in five small businesses don’t use any type of digital marketing, and one in ten small businesses don’t use marketing at all. Here are some ideas for how to find some marketing resources that are low-cost or free.

Spending Money Wisely: Giving Meaningful Gifts

Luckily you don’t have to break the bank to find a meaningful gift that your friends and loved ones will enjoy.

It’s the Season: Let’s Go Hunting … for an ATV

You count down the days to the start of hunting season.

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