What is Escrow – and Why is it Important in Your Poultry Loan?

The term escrow has multiple meanings. Learn more about what it means to you, especially if you are considering buying a poultry farm.

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Purchasing a Poultry Farm

Looking to purchase a poultry farm?

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Keeping Chickens Healthy and Productive: Applying Best Practices When Buying or Building a Poultry Farm

Are you considering buying a poultry farm or expanding your existing one? What are the best practices to build into your plans that can help you optimize your yield?

When Refinancing Poultry Debt Makes Sense

Thinking of refinancing your poultry debt, but aren’t sure it’s a smart idea? There’s more to refinancing than just interest rate adjustments.

How to Read a Balance Sheet for a Poultry Farm

Looking to purchase a commercial poultry farm? One of the financial documents that can help you assess the business’ viability is a balance sheet.


Key Trends for Commercial Poultry Farmers to Watch

What are some of the key trends in poultry farming? Check it out.

What Kinds of Software Do Poultry Farmers Need?

Whether you want to ensure that your birds have the right kind of access to food and water supplies, or you’re interested in improving your poultry house’s lighting and temperature to suit their needs, a poultry farm maintenance management software can help you optimize your operations.

How to Get High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas

In today’s world, everything requires an internet connection – keeping ahead of the weather, connecting state-of-the-art tools for monitoring the health and well-being of flocks, even tracking down supply deliveries – but rural farming areas often don’t have access to the same high-quality services offered in cities.

Is Poultry Farming for You?

Are you interested in starting your own commercial poultry farm? This can be a profitable business venture for you, but like anything, there are “pros” and “cons”.

The American Dream Farm

Bruno and Ada Ramirez share their journey from a small Mexican town to operating a successful poultry farm in North Carolina.


From a Hair Salon to a Poultry Farm – Retirement as a Business Owner

After a long-career at a hair salon in LA, Mr. Doan Nguyen retired to become a commercial chicken farmer.


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