What Kinds of Software Do Poultry Farmers Need?

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Whether you want to ensure that your birds have the right kind of access to food and water supplies, or you’re interested in improving your poultry house’s lighting and temperature to suit their needs, a poultry farm maintenance management software can help you optimize your operations.

But what software to choose? In today’s technologically advanced environment, there are more software options than ever, and the choices and offerings that come with them can seem overwhelming.

We’ve described a variety of poultry farm software to help you identify which type might be best for you, your birds, and your business.

Feed Mill Management

Technology that supports feed mill management – occasionally referred to as FMM – helps farmers efficiently process, store, and distribute feed to their birds. Various automated software can be used to help you easily access information such as formulas, group or flock data, farm directions, special pricing, order history, and more.

Data collected from these systems streamlines the process of updating feeds, formulas, and pricing. It also allows you to track inventory status and help ensure your feed meets regulatory requirements.

These systems automate data collection so you can prevent redundant data entry that can absorb you and your time. It also reduces the potential for errors inherent in manual data entry – mistakes that could jeopardize the health of your flock.

Egg Production Management

Advancements in equipment and management concepts related to egg production have exploded in recent years. With industry innovators taking advantage of artificial intelligence and remote sensors, back breaking work can be reduced. One of these advancements includes poultry barn robots. Navigating through poultry barns where even humans don’t fit, this automation provides more opportunity to use layers for nests for egg laying. They can also scoop up those floor eggs that might otherwise be missed or become part of the debris on the floor.

Broiler Production Management

Farmers with layers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence. Broiler farmers can increase their productivity and animal welfare standards through the use of autonomous robots.

Often suspended from rail systems a few feet above birds in a poultry house, these machines use sensors and cameras to provide 24/7 bird monitoring and measure the climate parameters of broiler houses. These robots usually offer intelligent image evaluation that highlights the things farmers want to know, like the location of dead birds and leaking nipple drinkers. They can even identify and predict the spread of potential intestinal diseases in a flock based on excrement ratings.

Remote Sensing

COVID-19 restrictions incentivized farmers to come up with new and creative ways to adjust their business operations when it was difficult to move workers from one place to another. In particular, more and more attention was given to remote sensing tools that allow farmers to access real-time status updates on their operations without a human present. Remote sensing software can offer farmers virtual readings of different factors in their poultry houses, such as water levels, air quality, and hen weight. Many of the other tools below rely on some aspect of this technology to function.

Climate Control

Any good farmer understands that climate control is important for the health of their animals, and modern climate control systems enable complete environmental management from the tip of your fingertips.

Many climate control systems available on the market offer graphic displays that can easily be controlled by the workers, allowing them to control automatic operations of light, feeder and water systems. These systems can be easily accessed from multiple devices, including personal computers, tablets, or smartphones, allowing farmers the option to keep tabs on their poultry houses from the comfort of their own homes. You can also typically set up automatic alerts so if the climate is starting to move towards an extreme temperature, it alerts you before it becomes life threatening to your flock.

Chain Management

The success of a poultry farm rests on much more than the quality of the living flock. It also requires that the farmer who operates it be a savvy business person. One smart tool that can help you is a poultry chain management system, which analyzes performance and detects problems in your farm through an early warning system.

These systems integrate relevant data from a variety of sources into an end-to-end overview of your operations. This can include a range of information from parent stock to layer or broiler; production planning to logistics; and planning to finances. They can also notify you when parameters within your poultry house vary too much for comfort, enabling you and your workers to address issues early before they cost you valuable time and money.

Of the many chain management systems available on the market, most offer smart analysis software and cloud-based integration, which allows you to easily interpret the collected data and access it whenever you want, wherever you may be.

Making Choices

Integrating technology into everyday farming practices transforms poultry farm management from proactive to reactive, helping you by pinpointing problems as they occur before they result in a loss of time and resources. Choosing the right poultry farm management software systems takes some planning and expertise. Do your research and talk to your trusted experts about which combination of technologies best suits your poultry farm.

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