Building Your Farm Plan

Buying or building any business requires much evaluation and planning, but when that business is a farm, there are more layers of complexity. You need more than a business plan – you need a farm plan.

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Purchasing a Poultry Farm

How FSA Farm Loans Can Help You

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How the FFB Poultry Lenders Go the Extra Mile for You

“Our customers may never know where our branch offices are located, but they know our cell numbers.”
– Ben Chandler, Managing Director of the Poultry Division for First Financial Bank.

When Refinancing Poultry Debt Makes Sense

Thinking of refinancing your poultry debt, but aren’t sure it’s a smart idea? There’s more to refinancing than just interest rate adjustments.

What’s Your Story?

Have you ever picked up a menu at a restaurant and read their history on the back?

New Yankee Traditions:
TikTok Cows and Maple Syrup

Joe and Erica Siler have a unique business raising beef cattle – and producing maple syrup. As a marketing specialist, it is exciting to see the power of social media marketing and how farmers like them use it to their advantage.

Entering the Poultry Business

Interested in pursuing a career as a poultry farmer and not sure how to get started?

How to Read a Balance Sheet for a Poultry Farm

Looking to purchase a commercial poultry farm? One of the financial documents that can help you assess the business’ viability is a balance sheet.

Solving the Puzzle of Poultry Farm Financing

Everyone always asks me what they need in order to borrow money. They also ask if they can make money and most of the time the answer is “It depends.”

How to Get Your Loan Decision Faster

Have you ever applied for a loan and only have it sit on your lender’s desk for days without an answer?

Who Are Your “Special Advisors”?

Whenever there is a new President, Governor or Mayor elected to office, you hear a lot about “special advisors.”


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