15 Key Resources for Poultry Farmers

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Are you looking to invest in poultry farming? Do you want to enhance your poultry production? We have compiled a list of key resources for poultry farmers you may find useful.

Poultry farming has been an essential aspect of society for many centuries, and today it is still just as important.  In 2019, the rate of poultry production globally reached an unprecedented peak of 130 million tons, a nearly 3.7% increase from 2018. This upward trend is expected to continue. Interestingly, the U.S tops the list with 23 million tons.

Are you looking to invest in poultry farming? Do you want to enhance your poultry production? We have compiled a list of key resources for poultry farmers you may find useful. These resources help poultry farmers get the latest information on important matters from how to access tools, ways to properly manage manure and get ahead of the curve with info on legislation, bio and data security. Here are 15 resources you may find useful:

1. Poultry Integrators

An essential resource for those who are interested in becoming commercial poultry farmers are the poultry integrators who contract with farmers to produce chickens and other poultry products for their brands. These companies include some of the biggest names, such as Tyson and Perdue. They each have specific policies and requirements that you’ll be responsible for meeting if you choose to contract with them. If you are buying a poultry farm that has an existing contract with an integrator, you’ll want to know more about that relationship and how it may impact your business practices.

2. National Poultry Technology Center (NPTC) at Auburn University

NPTC has some great information on ventilation and an app to help you calculate minimum ventilation needs.

3. University Of Georgia Extension

Preventing the development and circulation of disease-causing organisms is important. Here you can learn some of the best practices in biosecurity procedures, including some region-specific challenges.

4. University of Mississippi Extension

Provides key information on pest control (including some in an easy-to-consume “FAQ” style), feeding management, reproduction and incubation.

5. Watt Poultry

Watt Poultry is a site that is focused on news and analysis about what is happening in the global poultry industry. Whether it is the latest on Avian flu outbreaks or prevention, what business moves the industry giants are making or editorials on how decisions being made could affect your operations, this site has insights you can use.

6. American Farm Bureau Federation

This is a membership group who provides education and advocacy for farmers. They are focused on representing and informing on important issues across the agricultural spectrum, including commercial poultry.

7. U.S Poultry And Egg Association

The U.S. Poultry And Egg Association represents processors and producers of eggs, broilers, turkeys, breeding stock, and allied companies. This association is focused on education, research, and communication. They support the poultry and egg sector via research associated with every aspect of the poultry industry. They keep poultry farmers up to date with the recent research, food safety trends, federal regulations and technical expertise to help provide and maintain a healthy food supply.

8. The National Chicken Council

The National Chicken Council is another trade association who focuses specifically on producers of broilers, with business insights and resources as well as a voice on regulation for their members.

9. Economic Research Service (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Poultry farmers can explore recent ERS publications on the data about the production of poultry and eggs across the U.S..

10. University Of Maryland Extension

Commercial poultry news to help farmers maintain, develop, and operate environmentally responsible and economically viable poultry operations. Poultry farmers can learn from this news and gain insight into aspects of their poultry production that need urgent attention. This information is especially helpful for those in the Mid-Atlantic area. You can subscribe to the quarterly commercial poultry newsletter for updates on the best practices for poultry production.

11. Extension University of Missouri

Commercial and small-scale poultry farmers can access various poultry production publications, content, news, and more. These resources center on housing, feeding, bird health/prevention of disease, production, and waste management.

12. University Of Kentucky’s Poultry Publications

Do you have questions regarding poultry production? Explore this resource center. You will find a mixture of articles on general poultry information and commercial poultry operations.

13. United States Department of Agriculture

Farmers have access to valuable programs, resources, and information. These include information about raising birds, proper handling of eggs, land management, access to capital, conservation practices, finding local markets, managing risks, and more.

14. PoultryProducer.com

A news and more site for all things poultry industry covering both U.S. and Canada. In addition to the news, it provides a clearinghouse of research articles, podcasts and commentary.

15. Farm Bureau for Your State

In addition to the wide variety of resources above, your local farm bureau, can provide you news, insights, advocacy and community – and even more. For example, Delaware’s Farm Bureau provides members with better buying power for things like insurance, and, discounts on products/services.

Final Thoughts

These resources can help you stay up-to-date with poultry production news and information as well as provide access to numerous poultry farming education programs. Knowledge can help you assess and address the challenges of starting and managing a commercial poultry farm.

Considering buying a poultry farm? Check out this article. Want to chat about your plans for a commercial poultry farm? Let’s talk!

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