Pamper Your Clients with These Luxurious Pet Spa Services

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Ever had a patient’s person ask you about facials for their pampered pet? Or if you could recommend a “pet spa”? It’s a thing – and something that could be interesting to consider as a new revenue source for your pet care business.

Below are some of the popular pampering services pets are clamoring for:

1. Soothing aches and pains with a therapeutic canine massage

A good massage can do wonders to pamper pooches and may provide additional relief for pets with joint pain conditions like arthritis or those suffering from cancer. Canine massages are touted as helping to increase circulation, flush out harmful toxins, serve as passive exercise for geriatric or inactive pups, and promote flexibility and joint movement. Treatment is frequently offered by certified animal massage therapists at spa locations or at the client’s home in the pet’s own comfort zone. Some are even offered via mobile van services. Take a look at one of the popular Chicago spots: Urban Pooch for their offerings.

2. Cats and their servants (people) love deshedding treatments

All cats shed – it’s a normal and natural part of their lives – but it also can be annoying to the cat and their people. Many animal spas, including Feline Fabulous in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic in Wisconsin offer deshedding treatment to help cut down on excess cat hair. In the deshedding process, a cat’s hair is removed from their undercoat, usually with a special brush, comb, or vacuum tool, many times as an add-on service to a grooming appointment. Many places also offer this type of service for dogs too.

3. It doesn’t stop at deshedding. Cats can also enjoy the gift of soft, shiny fur with a Manuka honey sugar scrub

Manuka honey is typically harvested in New Zealand and used medicinally around the world to slough away dead cell debris, treat wounds, and leave skin (and fur) soft and smooth. Human spas often incorporate Manuka honey into their own services, and grooming facilities around the country offer the same decadent treatment to pets. The Pawlor in Arcadia and Playa Vista, California, has some of the most luxurious feline spa services available, including a Manuka honey sugar scrub for felines. The package includes New Zealand Manuka honey and olive oil body treatment to reduce dandruff, hot spots, and skin infections, leaving the cat’s skin exfoliated and their coat gleaming and soft to the touch.

4. Putting dogs’ sensitive nose to work with relaxing aromatherapy treatment

In canine aromatherapy treatments, essential oils are used to address both behavioral and physical problems. It involves a careful combination of multiple oils to help improve a dog’s overall health and well-being, targeting their brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for regulating emotions and mood. Typically inhaled through the nose or absorbed through topical application, essential oils are touted as regulating a dog’s feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, and stress, and also providing pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. Facilities like Miami’s Woodland Lodge Pet Resort often add aromatherapy treatment to traditional grooming services as an extra perk. If a human wants to provide their pooch with a little mental vacation, or just wants them to smell like coriander, lemon, and sage, then aromatherapy is a great choice.


5. Rejuvenate your pet with a blueberry facial

A blueberry facial is advertised to help remove tear stains while providing a calming and relaxing experience for dogs or cats. Often applied after a thorough deep-coat wash and brush, the facial formula is rich in levels of vitamins A, D, and E, to hydrate the pet’s face and leave them with healthy and shiny fur. Groomers have been extolling the virtues of the blueberry facial for years, to not only have them look good but smell good too. Take a look at New York’s Central Park Pet Spa to gauge prices and other services your pet clients might also enjoy.

6. Stepping out with the perfect “pawdicure”

Beyond the standard trim, a pedicure for a dog or cat is that next level up of nail care. It also addresses the overlong hair on their feet that may not naturally get sloughed off by indoor pets. Yes, and in some cases, pet safe polish. Cat owners may think a pawdicure is a small price to pay compared to the damage to the arms of their furniture (or the skin on their own arms) from those extra sharp weapons cats are issued at birth. This is an especially popular service to be delivered via a mobile pet service like At Your Door in Las Vegas.

7. All day (and maybe night) at the spa

Just like human spa treatments, they can be bundled up and delivered in a “spa day package” like these from La De Da Pet Spa. But there are also some creative approaches for pairing with boarding services in a “Pooch Hotel”. From a special exercise session with a personal trainer or a new hairdo, these are creative approaches for packaging services and adding value to both the customer and the spa’s revenues.

There is more than one way to approach

Everybody likes to be pampered, including pets. And pet owners want the best for their furry friends and are willing to pay for it. Depending on your current pet care business, there may be a variety of ways to add value (and revenue) through spa services. Check out what is currently available – and not – in your area and chat with your trusted advisors. There is a lot of potential in the $5billion pet services industry.


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Pamper Your Clients with These Luxurious Pet Spa Services

Ever had a patient’s person ask you about facials for their pampered pet? Or if you could recommend a “pet spa”? It’s a thing – and something that could be interesting to consider as a new revenue source for your pet care business.

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