Investing in the Future, One Ranch Business at a Time

First Financial Bank
From running three car dealerships to running cattle, Jaymes “Jay” Holcomb is one of the best – and busiest – businessmen in ranching.

Jay Holcomb has extensive experience leading businesses to profit. He currently manages three highly successful automotive dealerships and a stand-alone service center, employing 96 people. He also facilitates leadership seminars and is an in-demand public speaker.

Jay and his wife, Kelly, have extensive ranching experience and are currently immersed in the western sports lifestyle through rodeo. For five years, Jay sat on the board of the Utah High School Rodeo Association and currently produces rodeos in St George, Utah. He graciously took a few minutes out of his hectic schedule to chat about his experiences with First Financial Bank (FFB).

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Jay on horseback herding cattle.Jay: I am from Fort Worth, TX and still have family in Tyler, TX, though I now live in Utah. I grew up around rodeo and the ranch business. I spent many years in the United States Army, including two tours of duty in Iraq. My wife and I have six children.

How did you meet the team at FFB?

Jay: I was looking for a ranch for my son, Ezekial, to operate and manage.

We live in Utah and large pieces of land are tied up in family trusts. This makes it difficult to purchase there. I began looking at Ranch World Ads and found a property in Arizona. Tamra Kelly, the ranch broker, referred me to Pat Hamilton at First Financial Bank.

What was that like?

Jay: Pat is kind, easy to work with, and came to us. I have never had a banker do that for me.

You know the stereotypical banker?

Pat is not that at all. Pat has had the “What can I do for you” attitude from the beginning. I will never not use Pat to purchase future ranches. He will be my first call when I find my next purchase.

What is next for you?

Jay: I plan on duplicating what we are doing now but with more ranches. We are focused on understanding government ranch programs and expanding our knowledge about how to manage large herds of cattle. We’ll be calling Pat when we are ready for our next purchase in the next couple of years.

Land is an investment for our children. The goal is for the ranch to pay for itself, for the kids to continue rodeo – and have a good future investment.

Jay and father.
Jay and his son, Ezekial.

Want to chat about your plans? Let’s talk!

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