Avoid Debit Card Issues While on Vacation

First Financial Bank
Aug 25, 2021
You’ve packed the car, strapped in the kids, and filled the tank. Your long-awaited (and much-needed!) vacation is about to begin. But before you head out on the trip of your dreams, take a few minutes to make sure you don’t have nightmares about your debit card while you’re out of town.

Here are some specific tips:

  • If you’re going to be using your card outside of the US – contact our Electronic Banking Department during normal business hours at 888-883-5814 or after hours at our Debit Card Call Center at 833-225-5214. You may also send us a secure message via Online Banking and let us know where you will be traveling and the dates.
  • Log into your Online Banking account to verify your phone/email before leaving, or contact a local branch to request updates/changes to your information. Without correct phone numbers and/or emails, we won’t be able to contact you if we’re alerted to unusual activity on your card.
  • If you are contacted, we will state that a transaction is suspicious on your debit card ending in (last 4 digits), along with the amount and the location the card was used. We will never ask for your card number. If you have opted in for text messaging for your Debit card, we will alert you by text.
  • You will need to reply ASAP so we’ll know if we need to cancel your card immediately to protect your account from further withdrawals.
  • Download our U-Control App. When you sign up for alerts, you are notified almost immediately when your debit card has been used – by you or by an unauthorized user. There is even a function to block transactions outside of a certain area and turn your card “on” or “off” if you are not using it.

Last piece of advice: always consider having other forms of payment available to you besides your FFB Debit/Visa card. The last thing you want is for your card to be blocked or damaged and be stranded away from home.

Have questions about electronic banking? Give us a call at: 888-883-5814.

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