27 Pharmacy Memes to Brighten Your Day

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Memes to help brighten your day and relieve your stress.

The demands of a pharmacy employee are plenty: filling prescriptions, deciphering doctors’ illegible handwriting, educating clients, battling insurance. Working at a pharmacy requires putting in long hours, but that doesn’t mean you have to be short on laughter.

Below are 27 pharmacy memes we found that we’re sure you’ll enjoy almost as much as a problem-free patient visit:



Graphic with a view of an adult male lion sitting next to a cub with the words "Dad, what's a weekend?" "I don't know son. We're pharmacists."












More fun…

















Where we found these great giggles:

  1. It will be about 5 or 10 minutes. Would you like to take a seat? I’ll just stand here and stare at you… [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/it-will-be-about-5-or-10-minutes-would-you-172ac001848d465d967962c1dfab160a.
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  3. Oh you bought a desk that lets you work standing up? That’s adorable. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/oh-you-boughta-deskthat-lets-you-work-standing-up-thats-f603b97198c34080b6373f255f0f540b.
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  5. But my doctor told me he called it in to you already! Oh! In that case…nope still didn’t get it. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/but-my-doctor-told-me-he-called-it-into-you-df5023fefd4f49d2a7cbac7f43a7f5b3.
  6. Batman/Joker Pharmacy Meme. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/idropped-my-prescription-off2-weeks-ago-why-isnt-it-ready-dbee61efea0e44ddbf6e2445f10ac053.
  7. Knock Knock! Who’s there? HIPAA! WHIPAA who? I can’t tell you that. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/knock-knock-whos-there-hipaa-hipaa-who-i-cant-tell-d8cfc89b7746408c912dfff378a4371e.
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  11. One does not simply put pills in a bottle. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/one-does-notsimply-put-pills-in-a-bottle-8-pharmacy-a51c15b491454da995160296fa54dfbd.
  12. Shaggy Pharmacy Meme. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/patient-how-much-will-these-new-meds-cost-i-dont-75185eca7e564dae960854754b952803.
  13. Tells pharmacist she’s in a hurry. Waits until after being rung up to pull out insurance card. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/tells-pharmacist-shes-ina-hurry-waits-untilafter-being-rung-up-709d70a20659495d86135ecad3b3505f.
  14. Brace yourselves inventory is coming. [Digital image]. (2014). Retrieved from https://www.instagram.com/p/vpn8NyoR3a/.
  15. Yes, I REALLY DO need to know the name of your medicine in order to REFILL it. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/yes-i-really-do-need-to-know-the-name-of-3ed0e18c914945a6a21b18f12b0e94c8.
  16. Maury Pharmacy Meme. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/youclaim-that-younever-pay-for-this-prescription-and-that-your-360a0b22b8a54ff5b56f2a5f3856192b.
  17. Office Pharmacy Meme. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/tech-says-something-no-thats-not-right-you-dont-knowwhat-3022200c44a14605ae36887cd8261d29.
  18. I’ll come back in 5 min to pick up this 8 page script. How about no. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/ill-come-back-in-5minto-pickupthis8-page-script-how-about-2abe1d2a21664670ac169df84ada38e8.
  19. Patient threatened to switch pharmacies and did it! [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/patient-threatened-to-switch-pharmacies-and-didit-pharmacy-memes-are-1274e92d76394be3a5436b3081f48468.
  20. Napoleon Dynamite Meme. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/patient-on-phone-do-you-have-360-oxycontin-20mg-and-0eaf082a19514a739a64f0b203acdfc3.
  21. I’m not running this is normal pharmacy speed. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/im-not-running-this-is-normalpharmacyspeed-98-82-best-pharm-0be3d06b68654bc9b457bca259704ba6.
  22. Hello doctor. We do not have scribble in stock. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/%D0%BD%D0%B5llo-doctor-wedo-not-have-scribble-in-stock-pharmacy-memes-01a327e13d7f448cb5826c7d735d7982.
  23. Google. Patient. Evidence based medicine. [Digital image]. (2018). Retrieved from https://www.instagram.com/p/BhXwghhHp2b/.
  24. Watching someone search the top shelf after specifically telling them it’s on the bottom left shelf. [Digital image]. (2015). Retrieved from https://www.instagram.com/p/-FpnwqoR1O/.
  25. Inception Pharmacy Meme. [Digital image]. (2015). Retrieved from https://www.instagram.com/p/3_SjmOoRym/.
  26. Sorry I annoyed you with my lifesaving recommendation. [Digital image]. (2015). Retrieved from https://www.instagram.com/p/3yq7VNoRzD/.
  27. (Featured Meme)Pharmacist. [Digital image]. (2019). Retrieved from https://me.me/i/pharmacist-what-the-media-thinks-i-do-what-everyone-thinks-577151d7038f49a697a24af3cb996c6a.

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