Veterinary Practice and Clinic Management: Design and Layout Ideas

By First Financial Bank
Veterinary practice design and layout can significantly influence the success of your business. With this in mind, here are four key areas you should consider when designing your veterinary practice.

When done effectively, design and layout can reinforce your branding efforts, modernize your space, reduce stress, and help your clients feel more comfortable. Some veterinary hospitals report that renovating their practice and incorporating new technologies have led to as much as a 20% increase in revenue. Good veterinary practice design is more than just a ‘nice feature’ but a core factor in your ability to manage your veterinary clinic and generate the best results for your business.

1. Design your floor plan carefully

The layout of your veterinary clinic will make a big difference to the efficiency of your practice, your ability to generate a profit, and how your clients and staff feel within the space. Therefore, ensure that your floor plan provides exactly what you want it to. Ask yourself questions such as the following to help you generate veterinary clinic layout ideas:

  • How can we improve the pet and owner experience?
  • Do we need to upgrade the facilities or add new treatment rooms?
  • Do you currently have any issues regarding available space, accessibility, or layout?
  • Do we have at least 150 square feet of floor space per treatment station?
  • Can staff and clients move around freely? Do they have to walk through rooms to access others?
  • Do staff members like or dislike anything about the existing layout?

You can then use this information to upgrade your veterinary practice layout, bearing in mind that you don’t need to blow the budget to make improvements. Although there will be times when knocking down walls and building extensions are the only choices, you can achieve a great deal with small tweaks such as switching existing rooms or rearranging furniture.

2. Optimize the color scheme

Although the color you choose to paint the walls of your veterinary clinic walls won’t directly affect how effective you are as a veterinary surgeon, it can make a surprising difference to your business as a whole.

Get it right and you can help both owners and pets feel much less stressed, improve productivity, stamp your branding throughout the space, and provide a warm welcome to your customers. It’s also a very quick and affordable way to refresh the space.

When it comes to choosing which colors to use, don’t feel like you have to stick to muted neutrals. Using bright, vibrant colors can be a great way to create a bold, modern look and add character to the space. As DVM360 advises, “…for most projects, a color scheme that’s well-coordinated and unified matters more than anything else.

If you already have brand colors, use these, or look for shades that coordinate well. However, do bear in mind the widespread industry ‘warning’ regarding veterinary practice color schemes– avoid using minty green.

Optimal lighting isn’t just an important consideration for your examination and treatment rooms, it also plays an important role in your overall veterinary practice design scheme.

3. Improve the lighting

By ensuring that you have high quality lighting throughout your veterinary clinic, you can modernize your space, improve employee performance, and help your clients feel more relaxed. As Today’s Veterinary Business says, “The smart use of natural illumination supports the health and happiness of patients, employees and clients. Artificial light has its place, too, but you should be selective.”

Here are some veterinary practice lighting tips:

  • Make the most of any natural light.
  • Add task lighting throughout the building.
  • Use low energy LEDs.
  • Choose warm color bulbs wherever possible.
  • Avoid fluorescent lighting in public spaces.
  • Don’t forget exterior lights for both ease of navigation and feeling of security.

4. Leverage technology

When designing or renovating your veterinary clinic, technology should be a core consideration, especially during these unprecedented times. Adding better tech infrastructure can allow you to bring your business up to date, promote more effective veterinary clinic management, and build client trust while improving their experience.

Effective ideas for your veterinary practice design could include:

  • Electronic check in and checkout systems via phone app to avoid the clustering in one spot.
  • Touchless technology such as faucets and light switches.
  • Reception screens to display patient appointments, promotions, healthcare advice and advertisements.
  • Bluetooth-connected tablets for easy appointment making.
  • Monitoring equipment to track patients.


The design and layout of your veterinary clinic or hospital is an important consideration when you own or manage a practice. By considering key elements such as lighting, color, layout, and technology, you can breathe life into your veterinary clinic space and provide a better experience for staff, visitors, and pets alike.

There are a variety of things to consider as you make plans. Take this quick assessment to help you as you make decisions. Want to chat about your plans?

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